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Jodi-Ann Burey (she/her) has a mission to disrupt “business as usual” to achieve social change. Her work centers the experiences of historically underrepresented communities and is grounded in the systemic intersectional approaches needed to address inequities. A true multi-hyphenate, Jodi-Ann is a speaker, writer, conversation curator, entrepreneur and educator. She is also the creator and host of Black Cancer, a podcast about the cancer narratives of everyday people of color, which was recently featured on POPSUGAR and NBC – Dallas. Jodi-Ann is also an affiliate instructor at the University of Washington’s Communication Leadership graduate program. Jodi-Ann holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan. She prides herself on being a cool auntie, a twist-out queen, cancer survivor, adventurer and reluctant dog owner. Jodi-Ann is currently working on her first book.

You can watch Jodi-Ann speak on the TEDxSeattle stage in November 2020.

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TEDxSeattle 2020

Jodi-Ann is a TEDxSeattle speaker!!

In a year no one predicted, how do we approach the other side?

The 2020 TEDxSeattle event brings together diverse speakers, community members like you, and ideas that define the future of our city and beyond. Expect the angles you haven’t seen and the perspectives you haven’t heard. To best further our mission of bringing thought-provoking ideas, TEDxSeattle 2020 is completely free. Join a dedicated community ready to take a look at the other side.

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Keynote Speaker + Moderator

Business + Culture Writer

Health Equity Entrepreneur


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  • Navigating Racial Microaggressions at Work
  • Leveraging Your Power as an Anti-Racist Leader
  • Imposter Syndrome is Bullsh*t
  • Intersectional Feminism + Allyship
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Building a Management Toolkit for Anti-Racism and Belonging
  • A Reckoning with Racism in Healthcare and a Vision for Change
  • Disrupting Passive Aggressive Communication Norms
  • Authenticity in the Workplace
  • What I Learned from Talking to People of Color about Cancer
  • A Reckoning with Blackness
  • Tips on Public Speaking: Everything I Do Wrong and Why It Still Works
  • Rethinking Your Role Through a DEI Lens
  • Reimagining is Where Healing Begins
  • Racial Microaggressions in Clinical Health Care
Interviewing Stacey Abrams | December 2019


Black Cancer: The Podcast Launches!

Listen Now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you find your podcasts!

When it comes down to it, Burey said it’s “important for Black and brown folks to share their stories to make sense of it for themselves, to find some release and healing, to normalize the fact that this thing that happened to you matters. Your life and your trauma matters, and there’s a space for that.” She also stressed that listening to stories about those in your community is crucial. It’s real. She wants people of color to “hear the nuances in how people talk and how they share their stories and their dialect and accents.” This, she said, “makes it feel like, ‘Maybe this could be my family. These sound like my people.'” READ MORE >>>

New Article on Structural Racism at Work!

Despite the wealth of information available, racial microaggressions at work remain frequent and toxic. They can push us out of their jobs, stymie our careers, and compromise our mental well-being. I know this. You know this. But we also know that microaggressions are a symptom of cultural racism, not its source. Microaggressions are racist, yes, but do not represent all the ways racism shows up in our workplaces on a daily basis. So talking about microaggressions and interpersonal communication alone, while critical to our mental health and career progression as people of color, will not yield the transformative change we actually need.”

– Jodi-Ann Burey

Are We Going to Be Okay? Travel Edition with Jodi-Ann

KUOW | NPR, 2020

Talk on the Future of Work + Showing Up Authentically

The University of Washington, 2020

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