Photography Exhibits

Jodi-Ann Burey is a Seattle-based travel photographer and global health professional. Jodi-Ann uses photography and storytelling as a tool for physical, mental and spiritual health as well as pathway for cultivating community worldwide. Jodi-Ann is also the creator of For Colored Girls Who Travel, a website with a mission to inspire travel among women of color through essays, commentary and photography. Learn more here.



World Ride
Chocolati Cafe- Wallingford
1716 N. 45th Street
Seattle, WA 98103


My Favorite Things
Tin Umbrella Coffee Shop
5600 Rainer Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118


September – January 2017

Paramount Theatre
911 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Link to Re:Definition Series

Exhibit Statement: As people, we move through the world with our own identities, experiences and opinions, creating a lens which determines what we see and how we make sense of what lies in front of us. Individually, we engage in this cycle of “meaning-making” and can choose to either disregard what it teaches us or allow it to influence our worldview. Our collective meaning-making, our collective person-time, if you will, further magnifies that process, adding new ideas and complexities as we learn about the world through each other, making change harder to ignore. The more we expose ourselves to real images and stories of real people around the world, the more our understanding grows. Hopefully, we can push beyond understanding and develop greater compassion, acceptance and openness towards difference. The more person-time we individually contribute to this study, the more we collectively work towards creating new meanings, ultimately impacting global culture itself.

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