• Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome: A Fireside Chat | May 12

Past Public Speaking Engagements

  • Decentering Whiteness: How DaFuq Do We Do That? | March 25
  • Why You Should Not Bring Your Authentic Self to Work: Community Watch Party | February 18
  • Black Her Stories in Literature (with Nourish Events) | February 21
  • Imposter Syndrome is Bullsh*t: A Workshop for Women of Color | February 25
  • Self-Preservation in the Workplace (University of Washington) | February 25

2020 Speaking Engagements

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Talks & Interviews

The Future of Work & Showing Up Authentically

March 3, 2020 | Video Keynote

Winning Season Podcast: No More Secret Allies

July 2020 | Podcast Interview

Opening Remarks + Interview with Stacey Abrams

December 2019 | Interview starts at 31:30

Lola’s Ink: In a World Full of Karens Be an Elizabeth

July 2020 Podcast Episode

Good Morning Washington: Navigating Microaggressions

August 2020 | Live Interview | Press

Opening Remarks for Senator Kamala Harris’ Presidental Bid

September 2019 | Keynote Introduction

Interview: Unemployment During COVID-19

Interview with & We Rally re: Unemployment

Are We Going to Be OK? Travel + COVID-19 w/ KUOW | NPR

June 2020 | Virtual Interview | Press

Interview with KUOW | NPR about My Karen Translator

August 2020 | Scroll for Segment Link