Jodi-Ann Burey is a speaker, writer and disruptor in the pursuit of equity for all.

Keynote Speaker + Moderator

From talks with luminaries such as Senator Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams to powerhouse community and business leaders across the country, I have had the honor of curating and facilitating conversations that inspire and empower others to create the change they want to see in their lives and communities. This is where disruption happens: not in just sharing ideas, but enlivening our agency to understand the power we already have to address the inequities we see and experience all around us.

Business + Culture Writer

Through creative non-fiction, I write to inform and inspire others to explore new perspectives to help them better understand themselves, their communities and the larger society we all have the capacity to change. I am currently writing my first book about women of color and racial equity in healthcare.

Racial Equity + Healthcare Entrepreneur

Developing solutions to achieve racial equity in the healthcare system is urgent now more than ever. Across income levels, people of color – Black women in particular, are disproportionately disadvantaged when it comes to treatment and care. As a cancer survivor with a Masters in Public Health, I know intimately the personal and systemic factors at play, which puts me in a unique position to create solutions that can have a real impact on people’s everyday lives. Black Cancer is my latest podcast project which explores the stories of everyday people of color whose lives have been impacted by cancer.


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Recent Talks

  • Organizational Culture
    • Leveraging Your Power as an Anti-Racist Leader
    • Inclusive Leadership
    • Building a Management Toolkit for Anti-Racism and Belonging
    • Rethinking Your Role Through a DEI Lens
  • Racism in the Workplace
    • A Reckoning with Blackness
    • Navigating Workplace Racial Microaggressions
    • Reimagining is Where Healing Begins
  • Professional Development
    • Imposter Syndrome is Bullsh*t
    • Authenticity in the Workplace
    • Tips on Public Speaking: Everything I Do Wrong and Why It Still Works
  • Racial Health Equity
    • The Lived Experience of Data: Racism in Healthcare
    • A Reckoning with Racism in Healthcare and a Vision for Change
    • What I Learned from Talking to People of Color about Cancer
    • Racial Microaggressions in Clinical Health Care

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Jodi-Ann is a master storyteller. Even though we were all on Zoom, she fully engaged the audience from her very first word, right until her last. Jodi-Ann weaves stories with data, she shares heartbreaking experiences and at the same time, points us with optimism to what’s possible. She connects history with present day activities in a way that created “a-ha!” moments and strengthened our commitment to take meaningful action.

Her talk was a month ago and in addition to the substantial initial buzz it created, it kicked off grassroots initiatives for learning and action that continue to have a lot of energy behind them. Quite simply, Jodi-Ann surpassed anything we could have hoped for, in helping us shape our path and commitment to making our company an inclusive and diverse place for people to do great work.

Lisa anderson, head of people and operational effectiveness at highspot

Jodi-Ann walks boldly into the difficult topics of racism bringing you along with her humor, authenticity, and data. She is so engaging, you almost forget to be uncomfortable about what you are hearing. We reached out to her with very little notice to ask her to speak at our Juneteenth day of Reflection and Learning. She quickly pulled together a relevant presentation that spoke to us at the individual, organization, and mission levels and weeks later, we are still talking about her message and how it applies to our work as well as our relationships and interactions.

Kathy O’Driscoll, Chief People Officer, Zymeworks Inc.

“Jodi-Ann is a rare, magical kind of public speaker who does two things at the same time: she introduces concepts, ideas, and frameworks in an engaging, relatable, and often hilarious way, while at the same time making her audience feel smart, special and included while they’re learning new things. She has a warm generous presence as a speaker, and she’s eminently trustworthy. She doesn’t sugarcoat things and she grounds her conculsions in lived experience and hard data.”


“Jodi-Ann is a brilliant combination of public intellectual, transformational thought leader and the workplace bestie you look at across the boardroom to see if she saw that microagression too. Turns out, she not only saw it but she’s going to call it out and write an essay on it later. Jodi-Ann is the voice needed to hold institutions accountable to their DEI mission statements. At the same time, she is uplifting and inspiring marginalized women and reimagining authenticity at work.”

Jenna hancard, journalist


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