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I'm Going to Tell Him Everything (with Lauren Tarpley) Black Cancer

Our guest on today’s episode is Lauren Tarpley. At the time of this recording, Lauren was about a third of the way through her chemotherapy treatment. For the breasties out there, Lauren is BRCA-, HER2+ and hormone receport negative. She’s a wife with a toddler and because of her cancer diagnosis, she also has “three little boys in the freezer” – her description not mine. Lauren and I talk about her diagnosis path and what it means (for both of us) to be in a statistically unlikely situation. You’ll hear us talk a lot about AYA cancers – an acronym for adolescent and young adult, which is a cancer experience Lauren elevates on her platform. We also talk about decision-making for her family planning – specifically navigating this as a young adult. Just a heads up – we have a mic switch just a few minutes in. We are trying to make this podcast during a pandemic, so thanks so much for understanding! Here’s my conversation with Lauren. Find more about Lauren on Instagram: — Send in a voice message:
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