No More Secret Allies

Do not text me about how mad you are about Ahmaud Arbery’s murder. Or George Floyd. Or the next one that comes across two days late to your social media feed.

Do not send me a Slack message telling me how sorry you are about the racist thing that is CURRENTLY being said to me on the Zoom meeting we are both in right now.

Do not forward me (and only me) articles detailing the ins and outs of institutionalized racism.

Leave your Breonna Taylor hashtags out of my LinkedIn comments.

Get out of my DMs about Amy Cooper, the Central Park Karen, and how she got what she deserved. Undoubtedly, she will be gainfully employed in two months somewhere else, most likely with a promotion, and will most certainly get her dog back when the hashtags cease.

Do not schedule a meeting with me to “check in” about what happened when you “checked out” while it was happening.

I do not want to see your private messages.

I want to see you put some skin in the game. If you are not willing to risk your professional capital or lose relationships for what you say you value, then you are not in the same fight with me. I have no use for your anger. I need your action.

No more secret allies.


Jodi-Ann Burey

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